Beginning somewhere

February 19, 2014: another blog is born and I am its sole custodian. 

I’ve often read things on the Internet, and dabbled in socal networking, but it’s taken a journalism course on writing for the web, for me to now formally join the blogosphere.

I welcome this endeavour and even feel a sort of shared responsibility in proceeding. 

In this age of instant-publishing, when postings are less than a dime a dozen I believe we should hold up a high standard and make a real contribution every time we tread on the global e-commons.

As for the technology,  I do think it’s important for us to keep up. It is doubly necessary for aspiring journalists. If our work is to have value-added, we must keep up with the times by knowing what is possible, then pushing boundaries to provide a useful service.

I first heard about WordPress from a previous professor. I’ve decided to use it for my blog as it seems user-friendly and more importantly, like it has the potential to do so much.

As I contemplate communications in this day and age, the comic by Bill Atkinson below grounds me in some of the ways the mediums may change but the message will not:


If we can grasp the significance that popularized some of today’s tools, we’ll see that the concepts of infomation sharing, analysis, and socialization are constant.  We all want to understand events and to put them into context. And we always have.

This is a key aspect of humanity, and something I want to remember as I dip my toe into contemporary journalism.

There are so many new tools out there for communication over the Internet, and like Donald Rumsfeld, I know there are some things that I don’t know. But I am open to blogging, tweeting, and whatever-elsing it will take!

So join me dear reader as I present to you, my very own blog.



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